Cable & Track Dollies

Daguerro have developed various tracks and dolly systems, both manually controlled and fully automated and remote either wirelessly or wired. Daguerro can design a system that suits you and meets with your requirements whether it's a cable dolly 10 feet or 600 feet, and if you have a new idea of your own get in touch and Daguerro could design individually for you as your own product.

The HS2 is our flagship track and dolly system, still in the design stage the system could revolutionise the way tracks are currently used by grips. The HS2 consists of a fully flexible "intelligent", "roll out" tack; it allows film makes and broadcasters to operate a self levelling, smooth consistent track on any terrain and wherever they like, it will roll off a spool much like a wire only bigger. Coming soon.
Canopy Access Limited
For ariel dolly filming, canopy access and filming at height, Daguerro highly recommends Canopy Access Limited. CAL provides safety at height for working on ropes in the rainforest canopy. CAL was set up in 1998 to provide camera assistance and technical rigging solutions for the wildlife TV industry and has been providing access, training and consultancy on a full time basis ever since.

CAL regularly operate in extremely remote forest locations throughout the tropics. From the Amazon to the Congo to the towering forests of Malaysia and Indonesia.

This extensive work worldwide has furnished CAL with the hard earned experience necessary to confidently offer a number of associated services. These include, Rope access training, Location safety for filmmaking, Adventure ecotourism and Science research assistance.