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We know how annoying and frustrating it can be when you just don't know if something will work or how something can be done, whether its how can you split a TTL flash connection for use with an underwater housing or how can you release the pins from a jimmy jib loom plug.

Therefore we've come up with this technical library. On this page you might just find the answer you're looking for, if you're still stuck give us a call or send us an email. If you have anything you think people might benefit from knowing relating to equipment for TV and film, send us an email with the information and you might get published on the web.

How Long Can a LANC Extension Cable Be? >  
How Long Can a PELI Case Stay Underwater? >

How Long Can a LANC Extension Cable Be?

Through testing, we have tried out numerous lengths of cable. We have discovered that due to LANC being a signal (primarily pulses) it cannot be too long; it's not just like an on/off power switch.

Cable length also depends on the camera and the power supply. Manufacturers might deny this but we have found it to be true. Remember, power for the controller is also passed though the LANC connection; it's not just the demands. When the LANC cable is too long the reliability of the controller decreases by about 75% which occurs at about 120 meters.

We found with an EX3, A1, PD100 and PD170 being mains powered (240v) the maximum (and optimum) length with full camera control (zoom, focus, on, off, record and standby) should not exceed 75 meters (approx 245ft). It does not have to be screened cable.

How Long Can a PELI Case Stay Underwater?

We have successfully manufactured a few underwater camera housings by modifying standard PELI cases. However it is imperative that the correct sealants are used, all electrical connections must be certified to withstand high water pressure to stop ingress and sometimes a simple low voltage heater is used to reduce condensation.

So-far we have successfully submerged housings with a camera inside for up to 16 days in 1m deep cold UK river water, with no problems. PELI rate their cases to 1m unmodified – if a case is modified I.E. with connections and a lens port, PELI’s seal guarantee is void.  

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