Camera & Lens Mounts

Our new Ladderpod the ‘HS6’ is the most recent design in our equipment portfolio. The version above allows the camera to reach a height of 5.2m (possible up to 8m)and is designed for feature films, drama production and natural history production. It’s been designed to be ultra light, strong, durable and portable and is made from solid billets of aluminium machined to high precision. The HS6 is currently available for hire and sale and if needed can be modified for your requirements. Contact us for further details.

Other products include plates, rails and adaptors. Manufacturing to aerospace precision and standards we can design and manufacture the exact plate, mouthing assembly or adaptor you need for your kit. Our computer aided design and experience design engineers provide you with the knowledge, trust and expertise you require for what can be such delicate equipment engineering. Our portfolio also includes large steel constructions for mounting equipment to vehicles and other modes of transport.

It could be a lens adaptor or a battery mouthing bracket, whatever your need and application we're sure to get you going quickly and reliably as we know the demands of this industry well!